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Are You Geared Up for This Season’s Young Athletes?

Spring is here, and if you have kids, you likely have them signed up for a variety of sports and other spring and summer activities.  For me, that includes soccer, T-ball, swimming and dance for my 5-year old—all on different nights of the week, and almost every weekend for the next 8-12 weeks. For me, that means tired kids, an unkempt house, extra laundry and superhero organization and logistical skills.  What does that mean for you?  Additional traffic during evening hours when practices take place (before dark) and on the weekends, when games and other events are in full swing. 

You’re likely to have families that are literally on the go, who, in addition to extra fueling needs, want quick, tasty and healthy alternatives to a sit-down dinner at nontraditional times.  Many, including myself, are in need of another option to the well-known and somewhat inexpensive “Mickey D’s” offer down the street (because as any parent knows, we get enough of that already!).  Can you accommodate?  You’d better! 

Active kids and families on the go would enjoy these healthier options that can help boost or replenish energy: 

  • fresh or dried fruit
  • trail mix
  • whole-grain cereals
  • yogurt
  • sports/granola bars
  • boiled eggs
  • wraps and simple deli sandwiches (mustard and mayo on the side—remember, some kids are picky!)
  • 100% fruit juices and sports drinks
  • grilled chicken (sandwiches or on salads)

And don’t forget clean restrooms!  After an hour (or more) of practice out on the field, sometimes without clean, “modern” facilities available—or too far away—your guests’ very first destination might be to yours!  What kind of experience will they have in there?  If it’s subpar, what are they going to think about purchasing food from you?

I’m sure that, with a little brainstorming, you can come up with even more ideas that might help attract this crowd and keep them coming back for more.  Whatever you do, don’t forget about them. If you do, they’ll go somewhere else during this busy season–like to your competitor next door.

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