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Be With Who You're With

Ever heard that statement? In short it means, “engage with the person you are currently spending time with.” 

Have you ever been out to dinner with a significant other, friend or business associate having a great conversation when, suddenly, that person took a phone call that was not an emergency? Did they talk for a good few minutes while you sat there watching the appetizers get cold? During those few minutes, the other person was not “with” you. You both worked hard to carve out the time to spend together and now you aren’t together for part of it—not a good feeling unless you were just aching to get back to your game of crushing candies. 

In today’s always on, always connected world, we all feel the pressure to be available and responsive to whomever may call on us. Sometimes, this connectivity is vital and it makes us feel good to be responsive. However, there is a time, a place and a priority for everything. How important is the person you are with and what message do you want to send to them? 

Let’s look at this from a customer experience perspective. Say you are working behind the counter at the store today. It has been a little slow and your old high school buddy calls to chat about the upcoming AprilFoodFest-O-Rama. After all, it’s free food! Two customers are waiting in line to check out. Do you hang up the phone and engage the customers, or do you keep jabbering away with your buddy while mumbling the minimum required words to the customer? At that moment, do you think your customer feels important? Do you think you earned their business? Are you “with” them? 

I know I have posed more questions than answers here, but they are designed to make you think. Think about the impressions you leave with your customers if you are not “with” them. Will they come back if you are never with them? Will they tell others about their bad experience? Is there any chance that someone is sneaking out of the store with some yummy suckers or driving off with free gas while you are with someone else? Potentially. 

So, think about it. What’s the right thing to do? Be with who you’re with!

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